October 5 - 8, 2017

Hilton Seattle Airport & Convention Center

Ariel Mermaid Island

Price:  $ 230.00

​Saturday: 1:00pm - 5:00pm

Class Description:

Development Techniques
Female body model.
Modeling of arms and hands
Hair in rubber paste, only one piece.
Modeling of siren's tail.
Alcohol paint.
Painting of eyes and lips.

Students will perform in class:
The complete little mermaid on the rock.
It will demonstrate how to do the rest of the decoration

Maria Castro

​Buenos Aires, Argentina

First of all we present ourselves, we are, Maria de los Angeles Castro and Gabriel Castillo, an Argentine marriage. Since 1985, we have been dedicated to baking and artisan cake decoration.
From very young we are attracted to the manual arts in general and from uniting as a couple we are inclined to the decoration of artisan cakes. At that time we watched on TV a program of cake decoration where the specialist was Marta Ballina and her magazines, without doubt the precursor of this art in Argentina, which served as an inspiration to undertake this wonderful road. Because it is best to work on what you love.
For many years we were specialists and conductors in the television program "Cakes and Pies" and "Pasteles infantiles" of "Utilísima Satelital", in "Fox Life" and "Orbe21".
 We publish many of our works in the magazine "Tortas de Utilísima step by step", in the book "Decorated cakes" working exclusively and under the auspices of "Disney-Pixar", also in international editions where we share our works together with other professionals of This incomparable art.
We managed to meet, face to face and for the first time, with the public, in "Expo Utilísima" 2005 and 2006 in Buenos Aires and from there arose the idea of dictating courses for the interior of our country, we did so and then, in 2009, under the name of "Mactortas Cake Designers" we started to travel abroad, we had the opportunity to share our classes in Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Argentina, Ecuador, Brazil, Bolivia, USA, Spain, Peru, Portugal, Qatar And the United Arab Emirates, Guatemala and El Salvador, on repeated occasions.
We were named by "Satin Ice" "Artists of Excellence" and recently in New York we received the "Top 10 International Cake Artists Award" with great pride.
This is a wonderful experience
where teaching is also learning, sharing and finding new friends and colleagues.



Little Sailboat

Price:  $ 230.00

​Saturday: 8:00am - 12:00pm

Class Description:

Development Techniques
• Structure for a boat. Elaboration of a mold. (Demo)
• Imitation wood and rubber paste on sailboat hull.
• How to make a mast.
• Boat sail and paint on rubber paste.
• Modeling of child sitting, face-to-face modeling.
• Hair in rubber paste.
• Hat.
• Modeling of dogs and rubber pastes by hand.
• Alcohol paint.

Students will perform in class:
The complete sailboat, the boy and the dog.
It will demonstrate how to do the rest of the decoration